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The Little Things that Make Winnebago a Superior Motorhome

Winnebago makes a big deal out of the small things. Here is a list of a few of the little things that make Winnebago better –

  1. Fit and Finish – Fit and finish refers to how well parts fit and work together (for example, how well doors or panels line up, gaps in trim pieces, etc.). A high level of fit and finish requires high-quality parts, assembled with skill and care. In other motorhomes, you will see large or uneven gaps and excess filler or sealant are often clues to poor quality fit and finish. The result is a coach that is less tight and is more prone to rattles, squeaks, leaks and excessive wear.
  2. Coated Fasteners – We specify a tough epoxy coating on critical fasteners to improve their holding strength and provide corrosion resistance for added durability. Competitors use hardware-store grade fasteners.
  3. Aluminum-Skin Floor – We protect the underside of our coach floors with a durable aluminum skin that adds strength, resists moisture and protects against the elements. Some competitors simply paint exposed plywood, while others apply a cheap woven material, similar to landscaping fabric, that does not provide the protection of a metal barrier.
  4. Stove Mounting – One of the joys of RVing is cooking. We pay close attention to how we mount our stoves, making sure they’re flush with the counter, with no exposed sharp edges or places for food to get trapped. Like a kitchen remodeling nightmare, this stove is mounted below the counter, inviting spills that will never be fully cleaned up

The little things are  just one of the many reasons why Winnebago is the Motorhome manufacturer of choice for many RVers.